Marvin & Julian

Marvin & Julian

After quitting his previous job as a sailor on big container ships, where he used his cameras to film onboard, Marvin decided to dedicated himself to produce imagery.

Julian Weber was working as a Junior Art Director and studied Motion Design in Hamburg, when he met Marvin who was looking for a business partner with the same sense of visual content. They are completely different characters but complete each other perfectly.

Based in Hambourg, the directors and DOP duo see the world differently, catch the moments lived and know how to release energy and force in the images. Talented Bynome, young and modern who knows how to give a rhythm to each of his works and a great mastery of the frame and the love of detail.

They have made videos for Nivea, Pandora, Vice and Dolce Gabbana and many others.

Languages spoken: German, English.