Matthias Negrello

Matthias Negrello

Interested since a long time by urban culture, Matthias developed his taste for image little by little. Strongly influenced by the emergent techno and rave scene, he created “Icone” at the end of the 90’s, still very active art collective group involved in several events with international artists.

Matthias got involved in video as a pro in these times and collaborated in street art projects, contemporary dancing and fashion. His career path guided him towards Los Angeles, where he participated in projects with Madonna & Christina Aguilera. For Kyaku, happening programmed at Cube in Paris, he worked with Maasa Sugiyama and created a universe where dance, music and video interact.

Actually, he is working on installation with “Si a la vida” and “identité itinérante”. He signed off tvc campaigns for big brands during 5 years of running “The Twelve”  agency. Matthias is mixing the use of the medias to add a creative touch in any branded content.

Languages spoken: French, English.